3m long x 2m wide x 1.5m high

750kg ATM

3x 185 R14 wheels and new tyres

rear loading ramp with 1.5m entry width

pre galvanised steel construction chassis with aluminium floor

aluminium white side panels & roof  – guaranteed not to fade for 5yrs

LED Tech branded lights

Built to order

Upgrades Available:

1.8m tall

1000kg or 1400kg ATM

Pedestrian door

Enclosed Kart/Motorbike Panel Trailer – PT750

3000mm x 1500mm tall x 1500mm wide

750kg ATM, 185R14 tyres, Ford stud pattern

Designed with lift up top for easier access for loading  motorcycles or karts and rear loading ramp.

  • Weight 750kg
  • Dimensions 3m long x 2m wide x 1.5m high